Awaken 6.4.2 + Activator _CenterMac

Awaken 6.4.2 + Activator _CenterMac

Awaken 6.4.2 MAS macOS
Awaken turns your Mac into the ultimate music alarm clock and sleep timer.





Wake up to your music or built-in sounds
Supports multiple alarms with sorting and labeling
Customizable snooze control
Create one-time alarms, weekly alarms, or target a specific date
Gradually fade in the music volume and screen brightness
Launch applications or files at alarm time
Controllable via Apple Remote and keyboard shortcuts
Auto-stop alarms after a customizable duration

Fall asleep to your music
Fall asleep to ambient sounds
(Beach, Forest, Ocean, Rainfall and White Noise)
Gradually fade out the music volume and screen brightness



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Supports multiple timers with sorting and labeling
Select from over a dozen built-in sounds
Launch applications or files

View alarms, sleep mode timer and current time at a distance

Click on the date to toggle the next alarm time
Sleep your display by pressing control + shift + eject
Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later 64-bit


Awaken 6.4.2 + Activator _CenterMac


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