Duplicate File Detective uses state-of-the-art file content analysis technology to show you exactly where your duplicate files are (even when the file names are different). You can search multiple folders, drives, removable storage devices, even network shares – all in a single pass.​ 
Then move, zip, or remove duplicate files safely with assistance from our innovative SmartMark duplicate file selection system. 
Find exact duplicates based upon file contents (with optional byte-for-byte matching) 
Built-in scheduler makes it easy to run reports on a scheduled or recurring basis 
Choose which duplicate files to process using our SmartMark assisted selection technology 
Support for master search paths, allowing users to check for duplicates against an authoritative source folder 
Powerful file hash caching technology improves file comparison performance. 
Move, delete, or zip duplicate files with the built-in Duplicate File Manager tool 
Replace duplicate files with shell, symbolic, or hard links to the originals 
Remove empty folders while deleting or moving duplicate files 
Move duplicate files while retaining the original folder structure 
Extremely robust command line interface for integration and automation support 
Find duplicate music files via audio tag extraction and analysis 
Comprehensive search filtering – limit searches by file name, date, size, length, and more 
Search multiple local and network paths in a single pass 
Export duplicate file search results in XML, HTML, CSV, TXT, PDF, and Excel file formats 
Re-import duplicate file search results from XML data files 
Compare the contents of individual files within zip archives 
Powerful file type reports shows which duplicate file types are consuming the most space 
Built-in file hash / checksum calculation tool (supports CRC32, ADLER32, MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512) 
Amazing enterprise-grade scalability – handles even the largest file systems with ease 
Media preview window with support for common image, video, and audio file formats 
Highly customizable duplicate file search report with sorting, printing, and much more 
File content hash / checksum caching technology for improved performance 
Email support allows reports to be sent via the command line or scheduler interfaces 
Support for low-priority I/O operational mode on Windows Vista and later 
Automatic NTFS compression of qualified file types (HTML, CSV, XML) during export 
Robust shell context menu provides access to duplicate search from within Windows Explorer, etc. 
Automatic update checking with optional HTTP proxy authentication support 
Project-based architecture allows you to save and load duplicate search projects with ease 
Fully customizable, easy-to-use ribbon bar interface 
Powerful operational logging through all phases of file discovery and comparison 
Duplicate File Detective runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 & 2003. 
Full, native 32 and 64 bit support for all operating systems. 

Version 6.2.52 (Released May 28, 2019) 

Feature: Added official support for Windows Server 2019. 
Feature: Added support for single and multi consultant licenses. 
Feature: Updated cryptographic libraries for improved file hashing performance. 
Feature: Task scheduling features have been updated to support new COM interfaces available on Vista and later. 
Feature: Scheduled tasks created by FolderSizes now run with highest available privileges. 
Feature: Added orphaned scheduled task check on scheduler dialog startup. 
Feature: Improved standards conformance of data exported to HTML file format. 
Feature: Improved compatibility, security, and performance of all Excel export features. 

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Bug fix: Scheduling Excel file report creation wasn’t generating the correct export command line parameter. 
Bug fix: Fixed potential crash during file processing log output. 
Bug fix: Fixed crash that occurred when changing theme with print preview active. 
Bug fix: Fixes to non-inclusive search path mode functionality. 
Bug fix: Fixed rare issue with partial hash optimization causing incorrect comparison partitioning. 
Bug fix: Fixed interpolation of open and rename ribbon bar icons (home tab). 
Bug fix: Now installing primitive symbols needed to work around Windows 10 untrusted font blocking. 
Bug fix: Updated zip compression components to eliminate zip slip vulnerability. 
Change: Support for Windows XP and Server 2003 has been discontinued. 



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Activator for Windows N Office AIO

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Downloader, Extractor, Rufus, N ISO

Key Metric Software Duplicate File Detective Professional Enterprise + Crack | 94 MB